Guest Blogging Guidelines

What’s Acceptable!

  • Provide the readers something valuable.
  • Stay true to your voice and establish yourself as an expert but show that you’re still human
  • Please have a title for your story!
  • Word count: Your post must be no less than 350 words and no more than 800. If you need more to convey your message, we’ll talk about making an exception.
  • Images: Provide at least one quality image, no more than four. You must have the rights to use any image. Provide photo credit when needed.
  • Please send me a professional headshot of yourself or, set up your email with and make sure your picture is current and working. Your photo will be seen at the bottom of your post, and whenever someone clicks on your name, so look your best!
  • Include a short 2-3 sentence bio, and links to all of your social media accounts and main website.
  • Have your friends leave comments and support your article. But don’t stop there! Leave quality responses to those who comment.

What’s Not  Acceptable!

  • Anything ridiculous, or down right disrespectful. I shouldn’t have to tell you we won’t accept anything homophobic, racist or otherwise filled with hate. If you’re even considering it, you don’t belong on this website.
  • Shameless self promotion or irrelevant linking to other sites.
  • Anything horribly written. Please proof read your story, make sure you use correct grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. I will work with you on edits when it comes to honing the content or direction but not on english basics 101.
Alright! Let those creative juices start flowing! Send me your pitch!